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  1. kirsten

    Hi, I love seeing all of you on this amazing adventure. We are all learning from you as you describe your experiences.
    Thanks…. love you. Aunt Kirsten

  2. Hilary Merrill

    Jon! Your beard is AMAZING!!! Dig it! I love your photos of Africa–so happy you guys made it to Zambia. I wish I could have hooked you up with our friends in Sioma in order to see my partner Benjamin’s solar PV installation out there and how it’s supporting the community…Sioma is quite a trip from Livingstone, though. Your motivation, sense of adventure, and stellar sense of humor continue are continually inspiring. I hope I can do the same for my own kids down the road. Lots of love to y’all! ~Hilary

    1. Gretchen

      Hi Hilary!! We only crossed the bridge into Zambia, sadly. They wouldn’t even give us the stamp in our passports even though we had bought a dual entry visa. We would have loved to see Benjamin’s solar project!! Ugh, that it definitely one of the drawbacks of not planning further ahead in our travel, I’m sure we are missing some great “introductions” and experiences that friends and family could connect us with. Oh, and the beard is now a mustache and some chops that Jon is carefully cultivating. He looks a little less like Uncle Si (duck dynasty) and more like Lieutenant Dangle. Never a dull moment with Jon. Thanks for reading! Love to you as well!

  3. Sara Jones

    It looks like you guys are having fun… no??

  4. KT

    Hi Jones!!!!!!
    Looks so amazing!!!!
    So fun to see all your pictures!!!
    Magnolia’s not the same without you!
    Safe travels!

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