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Although we are pretty set with our rough outline, we are not filling in the exact dates just yet for the last 1/2 of our trip. The reason for this is that we are going to wait and see what the kids’ threshold is for continuous travel (


Addendum (May 8th): We’ve managed a pretty rapid, continuous pace throughout, with our longest stay in any one accommodation of about 2 weeks in Capetown, SA and 2 weeks in Manly, NSW


Would love your input on any of these destinations, especially volunteer opportunities or local people/connections.  Try to refrain from urging me to expand our itinerary to additional destinations (see Destination: Everywhere post).


Reykjavik, Iceland (via air): July 23-28

Copenhagen, Denmark (via air): July 28-Aug 2

Malmo, Sweden (via train): Aug 3

Berlin, Germany (via overnight train): Aug 3-Aug 6

Prague, Czech Republic (via train): Aug 7-10

Alsace, France and Saarland, Germany (LeBoat cruise) – launch from Hesse (via private driver): Aug 10-17

Strasbourg, France (via taxi): Aug 18-19

Ehrwald, Austria (via train to Innsbruck then rented 9 passenger van): Aug 19-25

Salzburg, Austria (via rented van): Aug 25 – 29

Vienna, Austria (via rented van): Aug 29-31

Goreme, Turkey (via air): Sep 1-5

Cirali, Turkey (via overnight bus): Sep 6-9

Vigo boat Cruise, Olympos to Fethiye, Turkey: Sep 9-12

Selcuk and Ephessu, Turkey (via train): Sep 12-14

Istanbul, Turkey (via air): Sep 14-17

Zagreb, Croatia (via air): Sep 17 – 19

Dubrovnik, Croatia (via air): Sept 19-26

Mostar, Bosnia (day trip – via car): Sep 21

Ancona, Italy: Sep 26 (via overnight ferry from Split, Croatia)

Venice, Italy: Sep 27- Oct 1 (via train)

Tuscany, Italy: Oct 1 – 10 (via car)

Naples, Italy: Oct 11-13 (via car)

Positano, Italy: Oct 13-16 (via car)

Pompeii, Italy: Oct 16 (en route to Rome)

Rome, Italy: Oct 16-21 (via car)

Morocco: Oct 21 – Nov 3 (via air)

Egypt: Nov 3 – 9

Nairobi, Kenya: Nov 3-9 (via air)

Masai Mara, Kenya and Tanzania: Nov 10 – 20 (guided safari)

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe: Nov 20-24 (via air)

Capetown, South Africa: Nov 24 – Dec 11 (via air)

Sri Lanka: Dec 12 – 20 (via air)

Bangkok, Thailand: Dec 20-23 (via air)

Phuket, Thailand: Dec 23 – Jan 3  Jan 6 (via air)

Chiang Mai, Thailand: Jan 6-13 (via air)

Luang Prabang, Laos: Jan 13-21 (via air)

Siem Reap, Cambodia: Jan 21-25 (via air)

Hanoi, Vietnam: Jan 25 – 28 and Jan 30 – Feb 1 (via air)

Halong Bay, Vietnam: Jan 28-Jan 30 (2 day, 3 night boat trip)

Hue, Vietnam: Feb 1 – 4 (via air)

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam: Feb 4 – 7 (via minibus)

Ha Noi, Vietnam: Feb 7-10 (via mini bus and taxi)

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Feb 10-14 (via air)

Mui Ne, Vietnam: Feb 14-19 (via bus)

Singapore: Feb 19-22 (via air)

Bali, Indonesia to Komodo: Feb 23-Mar 1 (via air then chartered boat)

Singapore: March 1-4


Manly Beach, Australia: Mar 2 – 16 (via air)

Road trip through NSW, Australia (Blue Mountains, Port MacQuerie, Byron Beach, Cabarita): Mar 16-26 (via rental car)

New Zealand: March 4 – April 1 Mar 16 – Apr 15 Mar 26-April 14 (via air)

  • Christchurch Mar 26 (via rented van, the ‘Granvia’)
  • Queenstown Mar 26-April 2
  • Road trip up west coast (Franz Josef Glacier, Hokitika, Westport) April 2-5
  • Nelson April 6-8
  • Wellington April 9-14 (via ferry)

Australia: April 14 – May 1 (via air)

  • Cairns April 14-17
  • Liveaboard Dive Boat, Taka, Great Barrier Reef April 17-21
  • Cape Tribulation, Daintree Rainforest April 21-24 (via rental van)
  • Port Douglas April 24-May 1

New Zealand: May 1 – 8 (via rented Campervan….awesome!)

  • North island roadtrip (Auckland-Whangarei-Bay of Islands-Rotorua-Bay of Plenty)

French Polynesia: May 7 – 20 (crossed the international date line so we repeated May 8th) (via air)

  • Papeete, Tahiti: May 7-9 (via air)
  • Rangiroa, Tuamoto Archipelego: May 9-11 (via air)
  • Tikehua (Ninamu island), Tuamoto Archipelego: May 11-19 (via air)

Easter Island: May 20-25 (via air)

Santiago, Chile: May 1-5 May 25 – June 1 (via air)

San Pedro de Atacama: June 1-6 (via air)

Peru: June 6-15 (via air)

    • Lima
    • Cusco, sacred valley
    • Lares Trek to Machu Picchu


  • Lake Titicaca



Bolivia: June 15-19 (via bus)



Costa Rica: June 19-Jul 3 (via air)

Nicaragua: July 3-17 (via car)

Florida: July 17 (via air)



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  1. kirsten thomas

    You guys are awesome!! It is wonderful to see your travel plans and hear your excitement build as the days wind down to departure. Travel safe, travel wise, we will think of you everyday until your return. Love you Uncle Kev and Aunt Kirsten.

  2. Rozalynd Roos Merrill

    Wow…what an itinerary! So enjoying your blog and following your trip. Truly the trip of a lifetime for all of you, never to be forgotten and better than any education the kids can get sitting at a school desk. Be safe and have a great time. Much love from us both!

  3. Michelle Hebden

    Travis wants me to urge you not to go to Egypt…I’m really enjoying the blog!

  4. Michelle Hebden

    There was a massive terrorist attack on an upscale mall in Kenya over the weekend…..the story is still unfolding….if you’re going to Nairobi, please be safe!

  5. Sara Jones

    I think that it is so cool that you are going around the world!!! And can you even think of from how long you are gone and how good it will feel to be back home in your own house. I love how you got the idea of making your own website!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    –Sara Jones

  6. uncleGeorge

    Hi to you all Down Under! Heat of the Summer now? Into Fall? We continue to enjoy the stories, loved the dance party, Dad sounds like a real party animal! Jon, we thought of you last week, and seeing your breakfast in bed and treasure hunt- priceless!

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