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  1. soomin yoo

    hi maggie- it was really nice meeting you in prague. Good luck on your trip! hope i will meet you on the road again. soomin, heading back home to singapore

    1. Gretchen

      hi,Soomin this is maggie, it was really nice meeting you too! Thanks for teaching me how to hold a spider. I removed a daddy long leg off our boat this morning. Talk to you soon, maggie

  2. Michelle Hebden

    The US beat Mexico last night and are officially going to Brazil!!!! Maybe you guys can see them in the World Cup?!?!?!?!?

    1. Gretchen

      We’re working on it! At this point we are just trying to get everything booked through December and then we can focus on RTW part II. Hope you guys are well. Thanks for following our travels!

  3. Lisa Evans

    Hey David, this is Kieran. I wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday. (I was trying to call yesterday, but I couldn’t find your number and/or the ones I had didn’t work.) Anyways, I’ve been keeping up with your blog weekly and I’ve really enjoyed reading the entries and browsing through all your pictures. It’s an amazing adventure your on. Were are all thinking about you here, and wishing you the best. -Your Friend Kieran

  4. Lisa Evans

    Dear David (and the rest of your family too… but really this is for you :P),

    We all are missing you… the endless cycle of sleep overs at our house (and I will tell you they have been almost every weekend since August) is not the same without your presence. No one else eats my pancakes or waffles with the gusto that you and Kieran (combined) do… and no one has had the heart to watch Anchorman, not even once, since you left (although they are all waiting eagerly for AM2 to release in December) … and with that I send you a little fix of your favorite Ron Burgundy … enjoy!

    – Lisa

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