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  2. The Moggy — March 2, 2014
  3. I Love Snorcaling! — February 26, 2014
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What we do step by step at airports


What we do at Airports. Frst step: we watch for a taxy, get in the taxy, tel them to go to the air port and pay them. Secint step: chek are bags and get our bording pass Third step: sometimes we eat aftr we chek are bags but usualy we go strate to sakiraty. Fourth …

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The Moggy


We are on a boat in Indonesia.  Are captin’s name is Captin Don, and the cook’s names are Gus and Doty and they cooked very good food.  We are on the baot for a week.  On the left of the boat thar are 2 minny size beds that are in a cave shape, one big …

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I Love Snorcaling!

We wre in Bali.  We wre on a boat and we went to a scoobadiving and snorcaling place.  My family went scoobadiving and me and maggie went snorcaling with thies realy nice instractors.  Thar names were nora and caran.  On the first day we saw 3 turtles.  On the sekent day we sawa a poffer …

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