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Rapa Nui: More than Moai

Partially completed Moai, never moved from their original construction site at the quarry

The idea to stop at Easter island en route to South America actually took hold midway through the trip, as we were discussing the possibility of visiting the Cox family in Santiago.  We met Juan, Carolina, and 5 of their seven children in Chiang Mai, and then connected with them in Luang Prabang, and a …

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Traveling back through time

Traveling has changed an unbelievable amount since when my parents traveled about 20 years ago. They were gone for six weeks making their way through Europe. They went to eight countries, England, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. (That’s when they caught the traveling bug and decided they were going to travel …

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Highway to Home

Tuk Tuks!  I really want one of these to drive around Magnolia...

I sit silently, caccooned in a symphony of thought, as we speed northward along the Pan American highway, away from the Costa Rican border into Nicaragua.  This is the same highway that traverses the Americas, and even connects to I-5; I could take this road all the way home to Seattle. Home.  The word reverberates …

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