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Paradise Island


Ninamu is beautiful peaceful organized and fun! The beaches are white sand and there’s hermit crabs every where! They range from the size of my hand to smaller than my pinky nail! And they have beautiful shells some that look like unicorn horns or miniature conch shells or striped sphere shells I could go on …

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Keep Your Eyes Wide Open and Your Tongue Flickin’ Out!


We were driving in our RV in New Zealand.  When we stopped I asked where we were.  Mom said we were at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds.  My favorite part was the Maori dance.  Why?  because it made me feel many emotions. The Maori dance is what the Maori (first settlers in New Zealand)did to pass …

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The Lengths I Will Go to Save Money and other Self Realizations

My swan dive (second attempt)

I had no plan to hurl myself from a bridge that day.  That was the thought that my mind screamed out loud as I stole a glance downward off the edge of the platform.  In fact, in moments of complete clarity, I had told my family that I had no interest in Bungy jumping!  Even …

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