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Butt Sweat and Tears

62% of the crew

As some of you may know, our uncle Tanner and his girlfriend Natasha came and visited us in New Zealand for a couple of weeks. While we were there, we did tons of awesome stuff, but I feel compelled to write about our bike ride on Rabbit Island only because of the awesomely witty title …

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Tween No More!

David and I opening presents and sporting Viv's birthday hat

        Tween, such an awkward age. When you’re double digits but don’t have a number ending in teen, you’re no longer a little kid who gets loved for your cuteness but your still young enough for the kids menu. You’re in between.          Some people wonder what the big …

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The Moa is no Moa

A depiction of two Moas being hunted by a Haast's Eagle. Scientists believe Moas carried their heads low to the ground, and not up right like in this picture.

Imagine a bird that is 12 feet tall and over 500 lbs in weight, and you would be imagining the recently extinct Moa. The Moa was a flightless bird, and something quite interesting about it is that it had no wings whatsoever. There were actually actually 4 different species of Moa, the smallest of which …

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