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Our Australian Mates

We met up in Sydney with a family who lived in Magnolia for six years! The Solans lived there for the whole time we lived there and we never once met, which is a real shame because they are an amazingly nice family. Angela and Tim have two kids, Amy (sixteen) and Jesse (twelve) they …

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American Terms are Funny?

It’s nice to be in a country where every road sign and restaurant menu is in English, and where you can listen to people talk amongst them selves and understand. Although everything is English it has a different twist. The Australians like to shorten most words. Here’s most the terms that we learned in Australia. …

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Beating the Rummikub Withdrawals

Where it all image of Rummikub from our Halong Bay boat cruise

While in Vietnam, traveling with the Sharples in Halong Bay, we were introduced to one of their favorite pastimes, Rummikub.  This is a game like Rummy, where you make runs and sets of numbers and try to get rid of all your tiles.  It is one of those games with just the right amounts of …

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