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Departure and Arrival


We were all very excited, nervous, anxious and about 100 more feelings that are way too hard to describe. Cleaning, packing and getting ready to leave your house for a year is really an indescribable feeling…but we made the leap and here we are with our packs and travel supplies for the year! You can …

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8 Weeks Until D-day!

Anticipating Baby David

That’s what I have started calling our departure date.  We have a lot to do between now and then, a factor of many things… our life doesn’t ever stop, ever.  Work, school and activities must go on, holidays and homework and weekend plans continue to consume free time, we still have to exercise, grocery shop …

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We have checked the “LeBox” on canal cruises


    I think the idea of the canal cruise arose out of Jon and my reading One Year Off, by David Elliott Cohen, where the Cohens casually meandered about France and Italy in their canal boat for a month!  It sounded like the perfect way to slow down, and enjoy a permanent residence while …

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