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Reuben Centre, and the Slums of Africa


We went to four schools in the slums of Africa, and it has changed my life forever. I had heard of the slums of India and Africa and had heard descriptions of these places but I guess I never truly understood what it was like. The drive to the Reuben Centre had me in a …

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Put your mask and flippers on!

We were on a boat coming from Bali to Komodo. Our captain was named Don. Don said that there was a place where we were going where dad, mom, Molly, and David, could get scuba certified. After one hole night of driving we finally arrived to the scuba place. It was called the Blue Marlin. …

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Culture shock: S/E Asia and Indonesia to Sydney, Australia

Our homey little apartment in Manly.

After a whole week of staying in Australia, it feels like the norm, but let me tell you, when we got here it was quite the opposite. After spending the past couple of months in south east Asia and Indonesia, all the modern architecture and 1st world conveniences seem so extravagant. Though this wasn’t our …

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