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Bad Blood

Long list of hazardous regions we traveled through. Who knew we were so hard core?

I hate to admit this but a lot of what I do in life is driven by a sense of responsibility, aka guilt.  At some point in my early pharmacy career, probably during my residency, I participated in an in-hospital blood drive and word got out that I’m O-Pos blood type, the very common• but …

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Landing in Seattle. July 23, 2014

“It isn’t life that weighs us down – it’s how we carry it” – Elizabeth Potier I lasted 10 days at home before I felt the need to go again.  The first day home, i wandered through my familiar rooms, opened cabinets, and  stared in wonder at all the stuff.  Questions drifted idly through my …

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Traveling back through time

Traveling has changed an unbelievable amount since when my parents traveled about 20 years ago. They were gone for six weeks making their way through Europe. They went to eight countries, England, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. (That’s when they caught the traveling bug and decided they were going to travel …

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